EU Startup Monitor

Graz, November 2018, EU Startup Monitor presentation:

We are very happy to be presenting the results of the EU Startup Monitor. Thank you for the tremendous support from founders all over Europe. The full report is freely available for download below. We look forward to your feedback. Please reach out to the team for any questions or comments using our contact option at the bottom of this page.

Download EU Startup Monitor

The data for the EU Startup Monitor 2018 was collected from February-May 2018 with an online survey directly targeted at founders and C-level employees of start-ups, in cooperation with many practitioner supporters, start-up associations and a variety of ecosystem stakeholders. All EU Member States were encouraged to participate and sufficient data was generated for 18 countries, so that the results present a comprehensive overview of the current startup landscape.

The term ‘startup’ for this research has been defined as follows by:

  • age (younger than ten years/ five years depending on the sector)
  • innovation (in product, service or business model)
  • aim to scale (intention to grow the number of employees and/or markets operated in)

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