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The European Commission has adopted on 22 November 2016 an initiative to improve the economic and regulatory situation for startups and scaleups. With this research study we are practicing bottom-up evidence based policy making and inviting all European founders and managers of startups to make their voice heard and to actively contribute and shape the European Startup Ecosystem. The goal of the EU Startup Monitor is the collection and analysis of inputs to be able to act based on this monitoring of the startup environment, and the discovered country specific and common challenges of the startup and scaleup landscape.


We have closed the data collection for 2018 and are currently analysing your inputs. Thank you for the tremendous support from founders all over Europe. We look forward to presenting the results. The full report will be freely available for download on this website. In the meantime please feel free to reach out to the team for any questions or comments using our contact option at the bottom of this page.


Prof. Dr. MauerM.Sc Lisa Steigertahl

The EU Startup Monitor is being executed by a team of researchers consisting of Prof. Dr. René Mauer and M.Sc Lisa Steigertahl. Both are associated with the ESCP Europe, the world’s oldest business school and French Grand École. Prof. Mauer holds the Chair for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at ESCP Europe, Berlin Campus, his areas of expertise include entrepreneurship, startups and growth management. Mrs. Steigertahl has a track record for academic studies in the field of entrepreneurship and as the former CEO of the European Startup Network an extraordinary reach into national startup ecosystems across Europe.


To address the project call, we aim at gaining detailed insights regarding the setting, status-quo, environment, visions, and hurdles of startups in the European Union. The empirical study concept is twofold and triangulates elements of both quantitative and qualitative research in a sequential design. The major strength of this holistic approach is to identify existing startup routines and to reveal their mindsets in a European context. Our methodology uses items taken from academical journals of excellence and well recognised scholars of various fields of research such as leadership, innovation and effectuation. If necessary for data clarification, a qualitative section will follow and post-hoc interviews are planned with designated experts such as the SME Envoy representatives.



To get in touch and for any questions or comments, please reach out to or use the form below.

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